University of Tennessee Hospice in Knoxville, Tenn., has a patient who lives alone in a small
trailer that is in poor shape. Her daughter is far away in Florida, and her son, who is local, has health issues of his own and is unable to help his mom. During IDG, it was brought up that this patient did not have a refrigerator. Meghan Hurley, PCMA, said that she would ask her father, Mark Hurley (an appliance sales person), to help.

Meghan called her father and he donated a refrigerator, and used his truck to bring it to the patient’s home. Meghan, Johnny Jolley, PCMA, and Helen Wilkins, MSW, all went to help with the delivery. While in the home, the three of them cleaned up as best they could and hauled off trash for the patient. The patient was so happy and stated, “Now I can have milk to drink and mayonnaise for my sandwiches!”

Serving others is an integral part of hospice, and many needs discussed in IDG become a mission for our staff to help. Thanks to Meghan, Mark, Johnny, and Helen for helping this patient. They made her life easier and better.