Terri (Teresa) Miller, RN at Idaho Home Health and Hospice in Twin Falls, Idaho, had been
working with a patient for six months. She does a terrific job building a rapport with her
patients. During this visit, the patient was saying his good byes to family and friends. As Terri was getting ready to leave, he grabbed her hand, looked up, and said, “I could not do this without you, thank you.” This emotional moment was hard to witness for all around, and truly showcased the impact that Terri’s care has with her patients.

Death is as special, important, and sensitive as birth. Our patients trust that we are going
to be there for them in those ending moments, ensuring that they are as comfortable and prepared as possible. We only get one chance to do this correctly with our patients.

Thanks to Terri, for her care and compassion for her patients. Her ability to create a genuine rapport with her patients helps to ease their end-of-life journey.