Serena Loyd, MSW at Ouachita Regional Hospice in Mena, Ark., is known for her compassion and commitment to the patients she serves.

Serena had a patient who lived alone and all of her family was out-of-state. She visited her
on a Saturday just to check on her. As soon as she arrived, she could tell that the patient had experienced significant changes and was not doing well. Serena immediately called the on-call nurse to let her know, and then stayed with the patient all day and night because she did not want her to be alone. She even cared for the patient’s pets and tidied up the house. The patient passed away that night and Serena returned to the home the next day to pick up the patient’s pets and found homes for them.

This is one example of how hospice makes a difference for patients facing the end-of-life.
Serena could have just called the nurse and left to enjoy the rest of her weekend, but she had a special connection with this patient and did not want her to die alone. Thanks to Serena, for her compassion and commitment.