For Lindsey Penland, RN at Wythe Hospice of SWVA in Wytheville, Va., it was her first time
working in hospice. On Christmas Eve, she received a phone call from a patient who was
having increased anxiety and pain. After talking to the family, she discovered that there had been quite a few medication changes for the patient that day and she felt it necessary to make a visit that night.

When Lindsay arrived at the home, she found the patient extremely restless and the family
very worried and confused as to how to help their loved one. Lindsey put a call in to one of her nurse colleagues, Amy Kerns, to collaborate on next steps. Amy wasn’t working on Christmas Eve, but she took the call nonetheless and assisted by reaching out to a contact at a local pharmacy to provide the appropriate medications for the patient.

Amy then picked up the medication and delivered it to the home so that Lindsey didn’t have to leave the family in a crisis situation. She stayed while Lindsay administered the medication and until the patient was settled and comfortable.

Lindsey said that as a new hospice nurse, she really appreciated Amy stepping in and helping her and her patient on Christmas Eve. Thanks to Amy for going above and beyond for our patients, their families, and her co-workers.