Housecalls Hospice in Parkersburg, W. Va., has a WWII veteran on service. Upon admission, he was hesitant to talk about himself or his experiences. One day, as Barbie Cobble, LPN, was making a scheduled visit and about to start her assessment, the patient told her he had some military stories that he wanted written down.

Barbie quickly put her things away, grabbed paper and pen, and started writing. She wrote until the patient was tired and filled four pages with his military stories. He also requested a tape recorder so that he could keep on recording his life stories. The Parkersburg team made sure he had those items. Then he requested a picture with his military hat and certificate. The picture was taken and copies were made for the patient and his family.

What a difference the experience has made for this patient! Barbie stopped what she was
doing and listened to him as he recounted his life. The Parkersburg team provided him with
a means to further record his memories, and even presented him with photos to honor his
military service. It is an honor for our hospice locations to be able to serve those who so bravely served our country. Thanks to Barbie and the Parkersburg team for honoring this
very special veteran. And thanks to all veterans who so bravely served so that we might all experience freedom.