Caring for hospice patients and their families is never an easy job. We go into their homes
and often find many areas that need to be addressed. Crystal Wynn, RN at Wythe Hospice
of Southwest Virginia in Wytheville, encountered one of those needs with her patient a few weeks ago.

The weather in Virginia was starting to get cold, and while Crystal was making a routine visit to one of her patient’s homes, she noticed the patient’s 90-year-old spouse in the yard attempting to gather wood for their stove. Crystal and her husband, Scott, returned to the home later that week and split and stacked an entire load of wood for the patient and her spouse to ensure that they had an adequate supply to get them through the upcoming cold months. For any of us who have split and stacked wood, we know what hard work this is!

Crystal and Scott saw a need and took action to meet it. Their service ensured that this family would stay warm for the winter. We are beyond grateful for their selfless service to others.