Community Loving Care Hospice in Bowling Green, Mo., has a patient on service for ALS.
He was just diagnosed in April and has declined very rapidly since that time. He has a young daughter who has a wedding planned for October. Last month, Maria Werr, RN, recognized that the patient probably would not make it until October, so she suggested moving the wedding up. The family moved the date up to August, but the patient continued to decline so rapidly that Maria decided August may be still be too far away.

Maria, Anita Jennings, hospice aide, and Mark Burkey, chaplain, jumped into action and
assisted in facilitating a beautiful service a few days ago in the home. Mark officiated the
beautiful service. Maria helped to keep the patient comfortable but medicated appropriately to be sure he was awake for the special moment he would give his daughter away. Anita helped make the wedding cake. It was a beautiful and touching ceremony.

Shelly Kirby, ED, was lucky enough to meet this family one Friday night while on call. They told her how much they appreciated her team and their support of their father and family. They even sent Shelly pictures of the wedding.

This team really rose to the occasion and provided something this family will have to treasure for the rest of their lives.