Claudia Schwisow, RN at Northern Arizona Hospice in Cottonwood, Ariz., was the on-call
nurse during the holidays. Her hospice agency works with a community-run hospice house
– where Claudia decided to take her holiday on-call commitment up a notch. She shared her holiday meal with the ten patients on service there, and went above and beyond to create an atmosphere of friendship and holiday spirit with these patients.

Near the end of the meal, one of the patients became sick. Claudia took her back to her room and provided medications to help control her symptoms. She then sat at the bedside of the patient and listened as she reminisced about holiday memories.

Claudia is an example of what hospice is really all about—meeting people where they are and
making sure that they live out their last days with comfort and dignity. She was the patient’s
family, friend, and caregiver that day. We’d like to thank Claudia for going above and beyond
for these patients.