Suncrest Hospice in New Tazewell, Tenn., had a patient with pulmonary problems. She was
an avid shopper and loved to shop for her family and others. Online shopping was just not the same for her. She really missed going to stores, but was no longer able to get out due to her condition.

Jenny Roark, RN, came up with an idea to bring shopping to the patient’s home. She enlisted
the help of Bridgette Myers, social worker, and plans were put in place. Bridgette contacted
one of the patient’s favorite local stores, and they were more than happy to pack up items and set up shop in the family’s dining room. The patient was able to move around the dining room and pick out presents for her family. Tears of joy were shed that day by the patient, her family, hospice staff, and store employees.

Thanks to Jenny and Bridgette, for listening to their patient’s wishes and taking action to make it happen.