Working in hospice is not an easy task, and most people who choose hospice feel that is
it their calling. Day after day our teams deal with death and dying, and have to find ways
to move ahead with a positive mental focus and strict personal boundaries, while never
forgetting to have an empathetic heart. Our teams are successful in hospice because they
support each other.

The team at Harris Hospice in Sylva, N.C., found out that the scheduler at their sister hospice in Cape Fear Valley, N.C., just had a baby. Candis Kimble, scheduler, is a single mom working full time to support her family and her team. Kelle Evans, PCM in Sylva, enlisted the entire Sylva team to take up a collection and send Candis a giant box of baby clothes! It’s easy to forget how expensive baby clothes are, and how quickly they grow out of those age 0-3 month onesies you collect from friends and family. The Sylva team purchased and collected clothes of all sizes so that Candis’ daughter will be outfitted for a long time!

Another team in North Carolina, Hospice of Wilson, decided to celebrate their new executive director’s fortieth birthday in a big way. Sonya Keene had only been with the agency a few weeks, but she had already made a big impact in the hearts of the Wilson team. They have celebrated over 200 percent growth in the last few weeks! The team decorated Sonya’s office and even did a sign on the outside to celebrate Sonya.

These are two wonderful examples of how our teams support each other, as well as the
patients and families we serve. Thanks for reminding all of us to look around and celebrate those who stand by us day-by-day.