Commonwealth Hospice of Berwick in Berwick, Pa., recently admitted a patient who is a Philadelphia native and an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan. During her initial assessment visit with Amy Kemp, social worker, the patient told her that she wanted to be buried with her replica Eagles Super Bowl ring. As Amy was leaving the home, she asked if there was anything else she could do for her. The patient said, “Unless you can bring me Carson Wentz, I don’t think so.”

That night, Amy began racking her brain on what she could do. She tried to message Carson Wentz on Instagram without success. She then shared the request with the entire hospice team, and John Pohlidal, account executive, said that he had a contact with the team organization. He reached out to his contact, who said he would pass the request on.

After a few weeks, they received a video from Carson Wentz that he had made specifically for the patient. On the video, he talked to her directly, and she was overjoyed! The Berwick team even arranged for her family to be present at the nursing home during the viewing of the video.

Thanks to Amy and John for making this patient’s wish come true.