Assured Hospice in Olympia, Wash., had a 43-year-old patient on their service who was
battling ovarian cancer. She mentioned to Amy Carrithers, RN, that she would love to get out and see the new Avengers movie that was just coming out in nearby theaters. Due to some of her symptoms and worsening condition, getting out to a local theater was not going to be an option.

Tracy Wright, patient care assistant manager, heard about the patient’s request. One morning at 6 a.m., while she was drinking her morning coffee, she decided to contact Marvel Studios in New York and see if there was any way they could get the patient to a private viewing of the movie. Marvel stepped up to the plate and arranged for someone from their studio to go to the patient’s home and give her a private viewing of the Avengers movie! She passed away not long after this.

Thanks to Tracy for taking the initiative to make this patient’s last wish come true.